Environmental Education Programmes for the Communities of Khwai, Mababe and Sankoyo in the Okavango Delta of Botswana  

This project seeks support for the purpose of facilitating a community extension and Environmental Education Programme in schools in the three villages of; Khwai Zou Development Trust, Mababe Zokotsama Community Development Trust and Sankoyo Tshwaragano Management Trust.  The Project is planned to run for a period of three years and is made possible by the Willard L. Eccles Charitable Foundation.

 The three villages are situated in the North Western District of Botswana popularly known as Ngamiland. The three villages lie in between the borders of the Moremi Game Reserve and Chobe National Park. These two protected areas are major tourist attractions in this region. By virtue of these villages location the local communities living here are faced with serious challenges of human wildlife conflict as large numbers of wildlife species especially Elephants and big game frequently traverse through their homesteads on daily basis. 

The purpose of this project is therefore to design a well-orchestrated outreach and Environmental Education programme that can help sensitize the local community to understand and appreciate the value and importance of wildlife in their proximity and learn to live in harmony with it as well as improve their livelihoods especially unemployed youth. 


The overall goal of this project is to create and raise awareness amongst the local communities living in these villages about the importance of environmental conservation and reduce incidents of human wildlife conflicts. 


The specific objectives of this project will be as follows;

i) To create awareness and sensitize the local communities about the behavior and ecology of some problem wildlife species found in these areas especially Elephants and Carnivores that pose a serious threat to their lives, crops and livestock.

ii) To support Environmental Education initiatives and activities in the Primary Schools in these villages to reinforce both outdoor and curriculum theoretical related learning.

iii) To train the local communities about some preventive mitigation measures that can be used to reduce incidents of Human Elephants Conflict through the use of Chili pepper.

iv) To help build capacity amongst the youth on matters relating to environmental conservation and assist them to become responsible citizens of this country.

Round River Botswana Trust

Maun, Botswana